3 Things to Consider When Choosing Recessed Lighting

September 30th, 2015 | Blog, Commercial Electrical Services, Residential Electrical Services

Recessed lighting has become a popular trend in remodeling, and Craftsman Electric in Cincinnati, OH can help home and business owners determine which LED lighting options are the right fit for their properties.

Recessed lighting pertains to fixtures set into walls and ceilings that provide ambient illumination. There are two main components to recessed lighting: trim and housing. According to the experts at Craftsman Electric, the market has expanded over the last couple of years for those looking for LED lighting options.

If you’re looking into installing recessed lighting, consider these three major factors:

  • How Much Space You Have: Determining the type of housing for your recessed lighting depends a lot on how accessible the space is around it. For example, if there is a pop-out panel, overhead attic, or cabinet near where the light will go, a bulkier housing will fit.
  • Wiring: Recessed lighting can be installed with line voltage or low voltage depending on your preferences. A professional from Craftsman Electric can examine your property and explain the benefits of both options.
  • Type Of Trim: The trim is the visible part of your recessed lighting, and it comes in many plain or decorative styles. Larger trim allows more light to enter the room, while smaller trim is less conspicuous.

As a commercial electrical services company, Craftsman Electric is staffed with certified electricians who are known for their expertise and reliability. They’ll help you find the best options when it comes to installing recessed lighting in your home.

Whether you’re looking for under-cabinet lighting, landscape lighting, home electrical repairs, or electrical wiring installation, the electrical contractors at Craftsman Electric will work hard to get the job done right.

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