Ohio’s frequent rainstorms can damage landscape lighting fixtures, leaving your yard in complete darkness. The team at Craftsman Electric knows a few wise decisions can prevent this from happening. For more than 30 years, the residential electricians have been the area’s leading source for high-quality electrical wiring solutions for existing and new homes.

Below, Cincinnati’s best electricians share simple ways you can protect landscape lighting fixtures from the elements:

  • Choose the Right Location: Placing fixtures close to your house is a great way to keep them protected. Your home serves as a barrier against high winds and heavy rain. If fixtures are in the middle of the yard, Craftsman’s electrical installation expert will let you know the best placement.
  • Motion Detectors: To save energy, install motion detectors. When you’re home, set the motion detectors to turn on or off when they sense movement. This way, you’ll cut down on energy costs and won’t have to worry about lights burning out in heavy winds.
  • Install Solar Lights: When electrical wires get wet, they can short circuit your entire system. You can install solar landscape lighting to prevent this from happening. Because the lights don’t have wires, the next storm won’t blow out the system.
  • Invest in Protectors: You can place shields over landscape lighting fixtures for added protection. The clear boxes slip over fixtures to protect light bulbs from moisture.
  • Use Durable Bulbs: Although you can place indoor light bulbs in outdoor spaces, there are varieties specifically designed to stand up against Mother Nature. Flood lights are long-lasting and more durable than the average light.

To update your landscape lighting in Cincinnati, call (513) 891-4426 to schedule a service appointment today. Visit Craftsman Electric online for more electricity solutions, and like the electrical contractors on Facebook for news and announcements.