With spring comes sunny weather, chirping birds, and electrical problems. Fortunately, you can avoid having these issues become dangerous or expensive if you know what to look for. The team of electricians at Craftsman Electric in Cincinnati has been providing high-quality and reliable services to area residents since 1984. They recommend taking the following steps to determine if you require home electrical repairs this spring.

If your home was ravaged by heavy snowfalls and high winds this past winter, your electrical connections could be compromised. Take a visual look at your lines without touching anything metal or the wires themselves. If you notice anything loose or hanging, call the electricians at Craftsman Electric for a service appointment. They’ll reconnect any loose wires and ensure that the winter hasn’t caused any further damage.

Storms in the spring can cause power outages and surges in your circuit breaker. Signs that there’s an issue with your breaker box include flickering lights when you turn on appliances or other lights. You should know where your main circuit breaker is and what part of your home each panel represents so you can turn your lights back on if a storm affects your breaker.

Finally, with springtime comes active rodents, which can mean chewed-up electrical wiring in your attic or basement. If you notice exposed wiring in your home that has been stripped and marred by tiny teeth, call an electrician right away. You can count on the efficient professionals at Craftsman Electric to ensure that all your wires are hidden and properly secured so rodent damage does not continue to be a problem.

As the best electricians in Cincinnati, Craftsman Electric can install a whole-house surge protection system to help you prepare for the springtime weather. They are also skilled at installing residential landscape lighting, under-cabinet lighting, smart home energy systems, and much more. To schedule an appointment with an electrician, call them at (513) 891-4426. You can also visit their website to learn more about their many residential and commercial services.