Your electronics and gadgets are more than creature comforts; they play important roles in your daily routine from helping you prepare meals to helping you get work done. Craftsman Electric, the Cincinnati area’s preferred residential technician, has been helping homeowners install and maintain their electronics and electrical systems for over 30 years.

This team of IEC certified electricians specializes in electrical wiring installations and upgrades to make sure your home is safe and energy efficient. Craftsman Electric also offers whole-house surge protection solutions to protect your home and belongings against power surges and lightning strikes.

When you buy a new appliance or gadget, do you plug it directly into a wall outlet? Most people do because they have outlets conveniently placed throughout their homes. However, any residential electrician can tell you that plugging a device directly into the wall leaves it vulnerable to intense increases in voltage known as power surges.

These surges can occur during disruptions to the local power grid, usually due to a storm or widespread power outage. Electronic devices that are plugged into a wall outlet during a power surge can end up seriously damaged, even to the point of becoming unusable. Using surge protectors instead of your wall outlets can help prevent this kind of damage.

Surge protectors look like multi-outlet power strips, but are equipped with important sensors that detect and block excess voltage while still providing the appropriate amount of power to your devices. There are many different surge protector models on the market, each offering varying amounts of protection. Your residential electrician will be able to help you choose the right models for your needs, from protecting big ticket electronics like TVs and computers to keeping your small kitchen appliances in good working order.

Like all other electronic devices, surge protectors don’t last forever. Most units have a bright light that turns on when the unit is nearing the end of its useful life. When you install your surge protectors, make sure they are positioned so you can see that indicator light clearly. It is also wise to replace your surge protector following a major power outage; even if the unit still provides power to the devices plugged into it, they may not be adequately protected against future surges.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home’s electrical system, be sure to work with the area’s most experienced residential electricians. Visit Craftsman Electric online or call (513) 891-4426 to request your free estimate. You can also like them on Facebook for the latest news and updates.