Don’t be fooled into buying incandescent bulbs for your holiday lighting this year. The electrical contractors at Craftsman Electric encourage you to use LEDs for all your holiday decorations. There are a number of advantages to use LED bulbs and these experienced electricians have put together some of the top reasons.

Here’s how LEDs will improve your holiday lighting:

  • Energy Savings: LED lights last for over 25,000 hours. That’s twenty-five times longer than incandescent light bulbs!  Plus they use 75% less energy. In 2012, the Department of Energy reported that the United States saved about $675 million thanks to the new installation of approximately 49 million LEDs.
  • Environmental Impact: LEDs impact the environment to a much lesser degree than incandescent bulbs.There is no mercury in LED bulbs making disposal and recycling, much easier.
  • Heat Saved: Incandescent bulbs are extremely inefficient, releasing 90% of their energy as heat. But LEDs produce light for a longer period of time without the high levels of wasted heat. So smart buyers will purchase LEDs to save money by cutting energy costs and light bulb costs.
  • Safer: Thanks to their lack of heat, LED bulbs are actually much safer than incandescent. Their cooler temperature means you have a reduced chance of burning your fingers and their energy efficiency means you can string more lights without overloading a socket. Best of all, LEDs are made of a sturdier epoxy material that resists breaking far more than the glass in an incandescent bulb.

When you plan your holiday decorating this year, don’t forget to invest in LED lights to save you money. Want to ask more questions about LED lights? Contact the expert electricians at Craftsman Electric at (513) 891-4426 or visit them online to learn more or to get a FREE estimate. Enjoy a bright and affordable holiday this year!