Making your home look presentable doesn’t stop when the sun goes down! Without proper landscape lighting, homes can look uninviting, old, and even depressing. Fortunately the electrical contractors from Craftsman Electric Inc. have a few simple and affordable landscape lighting ideas that will help make your home look beautiful and feel welcoming.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your home’s exterior, here’s what the electrical contractors at Craftsman Electric Inc suggest for optimal landscape lighting:

  • Find Out What Works. While not lighting your property at all can send the wrong message, too much landscape lighting will make your home seem garish or washed out. Experimenting with design will help find the right balance between no lighting and far too much.
  • Use Color. You don’t have to use plain white lighting everywhere. Using filters to highlight certain colors in foliage or to keep up with seasons adds a splash of personality to your landscape.
  • Don’t Forget: You Live There, Too! When you’re only observing the outside of a property, it’s easy to forget that landscape lighting choices will impact the people inside the house, too. Do you really want your lights to illuminate the dining room as you sit down to dinner? Will an attractive spotlight also give the neighbors a clear view into your living room? Consider questions like these before committing to any landscape lighting decisions.

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