Even though the days are getting colder and shorter, there’s much to look forward to in the fall, not least of which is the rapidly approaching holiday season. As such, many homeowners have already begun to break out their Christmas lights and decorations, hoping to get them up in time for Thanksgiving. But before you start climbing the ladder and thinking about lighting design, the home electrical repairs and landscape lighting professionals at Cincinnati, OH-based Craftsman Electric would like to remind you that it’s very important to have outdoor outlets checked out.

Why should you have these inspected before use?There are several reasons:

  • Dead Outlets: Outlets that do not work are probably the most common issue encountered. Luckily, in most cases they are easy to fix. The electrician will ensure that all connections are working and check to see if the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped.
  • Faulty Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter: Important as a safety measure, this is what will protect the home from shocks by tripping and shutting off the circuits when it senses a leak in energy. These GFCIs are sometimes found in the exterior of the house, and the most common culprit is the presence of water.
  • Overheating And Smoking Outlets: Often the result of faulty connections as well, these can cause damage to wiring and even fires. Having outdoor outlets inspected reduces the chance of this. If an outlet feels hot or is smoking, you should call an electrician in immediately.

Through it all, the biggest factor to keep in mind is safety, so before you string up those lights and deck those walls, be sure to have a qualified contractor check everything out. If you’re in Cincinnati or the Tri-State area, then there’s no team better qualified to help you out than the one at Craftsman Electric. Learn more about what’s kept locals coming back to these professionals for over 30 years by checking out their website or calling (513) 891-4426.