Owning a commercial building is a major responsibility, especially when juggling the upkeep of your often-used systems. While you may assume that electrical services are only required for a commercial building in the event of an emergency or outage, the reality is that it’s best to keep up with electrician-approved maintenance to stay safe and save money. As the property owner, it’s your responsibility to stay on your toes and to act quickly on any signs that electrical services may be required. 

The Signals You’re Due for an Electrical Services Upgrade

1. Lack of Power

Perhaps the most obvious sign that you’re dealing with a less-than-perfect electrical system in your commercial space is not having enough power to run at full speed. You should be able to fire up all of your lights, machinery, and outlets simultaneously without blowing a fuse or causing one component to work at half-power. If you’ve noticed that your lights flicker throughout the day or that powering your larger appliances causes another to turn off, it’s time for a visit from your local electrician.

2. Tripping Breakers

While it’s normal for your circuit breakers to trip from time to time, regularly tripping is an indication that the electrical system is just not up to snuff. If constant trips are getting in the way of running your day-to-day schedule smoothly, it’s time you call for professional help. Your circuits should handle more than one large appliance being used at the same time, so it may be necessary to rewire the system entirely or install new breakers that are designed for a larger commercial space. 

3. Safety Hazards

Your business’ electrical system should be a source of productivity, not a safety hazard. If you’ve had experiences with sparking, fires, shocks or melting wires, it’s time to have the entire electrical setup taken down and reinstalled with current industry safety standards in mind. This is most common in buildings with outdated wiring and insulation, so if your building is older and has not been serviced in the last five years, it’s time to bring out a professional to explain how you can better protect your property, inventory, and staff. 

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