Becoming an electrician requires training, patience, and dedication. While there are some skills that can be taught in the classroom, many of the techniques you’ll need on a daily basis can only be learned on the job through an apprenticeship.

The team at Craftsman Electric in Cincinnati, OH, believes the best way to prepare individuals to tackle the challenges of electric work is through mentorship and hands-on learning. They share a few benefits of undergoing an apprenticeship rather than simply relying on classroom-based education.

4 Benefits of Becoming an Apprentice Electrician

1. Earn While You Learn

When you become an apprentice, you’ll perform basic electrical work alongside a master electrical contractor, learning by doing. However, unlike most other industry internship programs, you’ll get paid for the work you do. Not only will you be learning the skills you need to be successful in the future, but you’ll also earn a comfortable wage.

2. Narrow Down Your Specialty

There are many different types of electrical work, and when you first start out, you probably won’t know which one you want to specialize in. An apprenticeship will expose you to multiple specialties, helping you decide which you want to focus on when you become a full-fledged electrician.

3. Counts Toward Your Degree

While you don’t need a college degree to become a licensed residential or commercial electrician, your apprenticeship may be able to fulfill some requirements should you still want to obtain a degree. Keep in mind that no two schools have the same requirements, so you’ll want to speak with your advisor before making your decision.

4. You’ll Learn From the Best

Apprentices are always partnered with experienced electrical contractors for the duration of the apprenticeship. This means you’ll get on-the-job training from an industry professional rather than an instructor who hasn’t worked on wiring in decades. Master contractors are up-to-date on all code changes and technological advances, so you’ll be fully prepared to enter the workforce later on.

If you’re interested in becoming an electrician, contact the team at Craftsman Electric. Their experienced crew will help you learn everything you need to be successful in the industry. Learn more about their openings by visiting their website. If you have further questions or would like to inquire about an apprenticeship, call (513) 891-4426.