Many factors go into building a new home — is calling a residential electrician to help with electrical outlet placement on your to-do list? As the team at Craftsman Electric in Cincinnati, OH explains, accounting for proper outlet placement during the design and building process will ensure that you have safe and convenient electrical access when it’s time to move in.

It’s worth noting that the National Electrical Code already offers some important guidelines that every residential electrician must adhere to regarding electrical outlet placement. No part of the wall should have a horizontal distance greater than six feet from the nearest outlet. This ensures that homeowners won’t need to use lengthy extension cords to plug in electronics or appliances.

However, some parts of the house will require a higher number of outlets, such as the kitchen and living room. After all, you’ll often need to plug in several kitchen appliances at once, and the living room will need outlets for entertainment centers and other electronics.

While bathrooms and bedrooms may not need many extra outlets, one rule of thumb is essential for proper outlet placement: your residential electrician should install outlets close to the area where appliances and electronics will be used. If you charge your phone on a nightstand, install outlets near the bed.

In the bathroom, placing an outlet in a location where you won’t have to stretch your hair dryer’s cord across the sink will greatly lower your risk of an electric shock. By carefully considering where and how you’ll be using electricity, you’ll ensure all your outlets are conveniently placed.

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