Living a green lifestyle has many more benefits than the simple satisfaction of helping the environment. As any Cincinnati, OH, electrician will tell you, when it comes to lighting, making the switch to more energy-efficient bulbs can make a world of difference in your energy consumption and utility bill. You won’t just be living green; you’ll also be saving green.
5 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Lighting
1. Lower Energy Consumption
Classic incandescent bulbs are extremely wasteful when compared to CFL and LED lights. CFL bulbs are four times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and can last up to 10,000 hours. Even that pales in comparison to LED lights, which can last up to 100,000 hours and can reduce your electric expense by 90%. Plus, think of all the money you could save by not buying extra bulbs so often.
2. Reduce Greenhouse Emissions
A half ton of greenhouse emissions is saved with every incandescent bulb that’s swapped out for an energy-efficient light. The collective impact of this switch can’t be understated. If every person in the United States swapped out a single incandescent bulb with an energy-efficient light, it would save an amount equal to about 800,000 cars.
3. Increased Durability

With energy-efficient lighting, say goodbye to brittle bulbs and frequent burnouts. Energy-efficient lighting is much more durable than traditional bulbs. LED lights, especially, are extremely resistant to impacts thanks to a filament-free design.
4. Temperature Resistant
Extremely hot or cold temperatures often have adverse effects on incandescent bulbs. LED lights can operate under frigid cold or sweltering heat, making them a flexible choice for outdoor areas.
5. Ecologically Safe
Traditional bulbs, and even some CFL bulbs, have toxic chemicals such as mercury, making them a potential danger to your home and the environment after they’re disposed of. Other energy efficient lights, such as LEDs, don’t contain any toxic materials and are 100% recyclable.

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