A common question asked by those considering to switch to green energy solutions is: Will my solar panels work in the wintertime? Solar panels use the sun to generate energy, so it makes sense to wonder if they work when the sun isn’t shining for as long. The knowledgeable electricians at Craftsman Electric, who offer solar power energy solutions among other electrical installation services, want to dispel the wintertime myth that surrounds this eco-friendly option:

  • Light, Not Heat: Solar panels rely on light instead of heat. While many assume these panels work best on hot summer days, the electrical installation experts will tell you this simply isn’t true. Cold and bright is regarded as the solar panel ideal. Heat decreases solar panel efficiency by causing electrical resistance to electron flow.
  • Snow Benefit: The powdery white stuff can interfere with light reaching the panels; however it’s generally easy to sweep off, or it  will eventually melt. Snow actually offers a temporary energy boost, as it reflects sunlight onto the panels.
  • Battery Store: Because of shortened daylight hours during frigid months, solar panels produce less energy, but they do have a backup plan. A panel’s solar cells convert sunlight into energy for immediate use or store it in the batteries via a utility power grid or personal backup source. This procedure occurs throughout the year, therefore providing you with extra energy on short, overcast winter days.
  • Lowered Position: Lowering solar panels in the winter is a way to optimize them, as the sun is lower in the sky during cold months.

Solar panels may not provide all of your home’s energy in winter, but they still function as a powerful, effective energy source that contributes to the health of the planet (and the health of your bank account). Talk to the experts at Craftsman Electric today to learn more about this green energy source.

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