When you’re looking for a great way to save both money and energy, upgrading the lighting in your home or business will help you achieve both. For 30 years, the experts at Craftsman Electric Inc. has been providing electrical wiring installation, electrical repairs, landscape lighting, and various other electrical services to commercial and residential customers throughout Cincinnati. The lighting upgrades provided by the electrical contractors will ensure that your property has the most reliable products and fixtures.

One of the biggest advantages to upgrading your lighting is a reduction of energy consumption, which inevitably leads to lower energy bills. You’ll also have the benefit of increased lighting output, allowing for more visibility throughout your home or office. Your old lighting fixtures will be replaced with state-of-the-art models, and the contractors will install controls and sensors to increase the efficiency of your new fixtures.

In addition to decreasing your bills and helping you conserve energy, upgrading your commercial and residential lighting will help protect your property and ensure the longevity of your equipment. The contractors will add increased space for circuit breakers and ensure that the electrical panel in your home or office is properly grounded.

Craftsman Electric makes sure that the job is always done well and adds a personal touch to every project. Whether you’re interested in upgrading the lighting and electricity of your commercial or residential property, Craftsman Electric will provide reliable service. Visit the company online or call (513) 891-4426 for a free estimate.